Our Team

Belay Ketema


Belay Ketema Homa is the Principal at the Law office. Belay has an LL.B from the Law School, Addis Ababa with over 32 years of experience in the field. His broad based speciality includes commercial arbitration, Intellectual Property Rights, tax and corporate matters for which he has attained various accreditation from several institutions including, among others, the WIPO and the World Bank Group

Wondwossen Sintayehu

Lead associate

Wondwossen (PhD Candidate, UMass Boston) is an environmental lawyer who served as a Director for Environmental Law and Policy. He is a Lead Associate at Belay Ketema & Associates Law Office overseeing due diligence, sustainability matters, as well as partner in high- end translation and editing services.

Deribe Nesibu

Translation & Editing

Deribe has over 25 years of experience in translating a range of legal and policy documents for government, corporate bodies, the World Bank Group, Embassies, NGOs, IGOs as well as use for personal benefits. He is heading the document translation section at Belay Ketema & Associates Law Office in a team with other lawyers at the office.

Elshaday Teferi


Elshaday has an LL.B from the School of Law at Dire Dawa University. She works as an assistant at the law office.