Cases Handled

Ethiopian Freight Transport Corporation (EFTC) vs. Ethiopian Insurance Corporation (EIC)

Insurance claims worth in millions of BIRR based on Bandit Shifta and Gorilla (BSG) Policy.

TOTAL Ethiopia vs. Fasilides Transport Plc

Concerning abuse of monopoly case at the Trade Practice Commission.

BGI Ethiopia Vs. Alacave Trading Plc.

Unfair Competition case at the Trade Practice Commission.

Woyra Transport S.C. Vs. Ethio Investment Group

Contractual claims.

Privatization Vs. Narin Orme Textile Group Co, Turkish Co

Contractual case.

Ethio telecom Vs. Labor Union

Representing the Co. in a labor dispute involved retrenchment of 3500 workers during restructuring of the government Telecom Co.

Langano Lily Plc. Vs. Green Mark Herbs Plc.

Dispute over foreclosure.

Some Observations on the Administration of Alcoholic Products under the new Food and Medicine Administration Proclamation.

Advisory Services on Negotiations

Belay Ketema & Associates is involved in various negotiations on behalf of the Privatization Agency, in Sale, Joint Venture and related agreements made with Local and International Companies.

*The first two of the court cases, mentioned above have been published in “Report of Arbitral Award”, Volume I, Ethiopian Arbitration and Conciliation Center (2008), being exemplary both for academic and practical purposes.